Parade for Soap and Sanitation



The children in a Delhi-area Bridge of Hope center march to share the good habits they are learning.


By marching through their town with homemade signs, 98 Bridge of Hope children and their Gospel for Asia workers hoped to save lives.

The poverty and discrimination in this Delhi, India, village does not make life easy. But there is a more prominent danger facing each child growing up there—the Bridge of Hope staff could not ignore.

“The most serious problem in this village is the unhygienic conditions they must live with,” a GFA correspondent wrote. “Because of the lack of cleanliness, serious sicknesses are common in this village.”

In many rural Asian villages, clogged drains, dirty roads and a virtually nonexistent sewage system breed abundant malaria and typhoid cases, among other diseases avoidable with basic health care.


The unhygienic conditions in many Asian villages threaten lives, especially young ones.

GFA Bridge of Hope center workers, besides providing tutoring and sharing the love of Jesus, do their best to introduce children to healthy ways of taking care of themselves. For many little ones in Asia, it is the first time they have learned these things.

In an effort to introduce more people in the village to hygienic habits that could save them from disease, the Bridge of Hope workers organized a special “ parade.” The children received caps and matching sweatshirts, and they marched through the village with signs about the lessons they had learned. It was a great success, as many villagers came out to see the children and read their signs.

Please pray that the villagers will practice these potentially life-saving habits and that their curiosity will be raised about these people who care about them so much. The Bridge of Hope workers desire to reach the entire community with the love of God and simple ways to relieve their daily suffering.



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