Blind Boy Sees the Light


GFA missionaries have seen God restore sight to many blind people.

Ujesh was surrounded by reasons that he should not be blind. He had grown up in a village in Jammu & Kashmir, India, where thousands of pilgrims came to worship a goddess revered in his religion—a goddess believed to provide blessings and contentment. Beyond this, his father, Sojin, was a government doctor with many friends in the profession. When Ujesh lost his sight at the age of 15, many of these doctors did their best to help him, but it was fruitless.

Ujesh had little hope until, one day, a young man told his father about Gospel for Asia missionary Khamal. When Sojin brought Khamal to his home, however, a conflict sprung up.


Sojin and Ujesh learned about the Lord at a GFA-related church like this one.

“We do not want Christian prayer in our home!” Ujesh’s mother and siblings shouted. But Sojin had listened to Khamal’s message and believed in Jesus. He started faithfully attending Khamal’s church services.

Soon, Ujesh joined his father in going to church. But at the beginning, he scoffed at the Christians’ service. Still blind, he only went to please his father.

But Sojin’s faith in Christ was strong and real. He kept praying and believing, and the Lord miraculously restored Ujesh’s eyesight even before the young man believed in Him. The miracle literally opened Ujesh’s eyes, and he finally saw that Jesus was the one true God.

Pastor Khamal asks for prayer for Ujesh, who is now enrolled in a GFA Bible college. Pray also that the rest of his family will decide to follow Jesus.




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