Heart Healed and Saved


Many rituals like this are involved in the animistic religion to which Renu once devoted herself.

Joji watched his wife, Renu, stand up in church and share her testimony about how the Lord both healed and saved her heart. This was the miracle he had waited for seven months to see. Up until just a week before that day, Renu had vehemently opposed her husband’s faith in Christ.

Joji and Renu come from a tribal background in Jharkhand, India. They followed an animistic religion of worshipping trees, rivers, mountains, the sun and the moon. The rituals consumed Renu, and when Joji received salvation in 2006, she was irate.

“Our relatives and the other villagers will abandon us!” she would scream at her husband. “Don’t follow this new religion.” But Joji’s faith in the Lord remained strong, and he believed that one day Renu would also trust Jesus. In addition, Joji prayed for another miracle: healing. Renu had heart problems. The couple had five children, and Joji didn’t want anything to happen to his wife!

Praying Missionary

Many like Renu experience God’s healing through the prayers of native missionaries.

When Joji heard that Gospel for Asia missionary Kanak was going to lead a two—day Gospel meeting, something inside prompted him to invite Renu. To his surprise, she agreed to attend. The Word of God touched her deeply at the conference, and on the second day, she chose to receive Jesus as her Savior. At the same time, she believed He could heal her heart—and He did.

The next Sunday, Renu came to the church where Kanak was pastor and shared her testimony before everyone. The radical difference in her life from just a few days before was an answer to Joji’s prayers. Now, Renu says that no matter what happens, they will follow Jesus.

Kanak requests prayer that Renu and Joji will continue to stay strong in their faith, and that their testimony will bring many others to Christ.

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