Nepali City Flooded, Compassion Services Provide Relief

Heavy monsoon rains from July 7 to July 10 flooded the entire Nepali city where Pastor Ekakshara ministers with his family. Pastor Ekakshara reported many villages, as well as his own home and church building, are underwater.

In one district, an overflowed river took the lives of two people and washed away six houses. The remaining houses are completely inundated, and the 300 residents lost all their belongings. They now live together in the local high school.

Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams heard about the situation and raised funds within local churches led by GFA pastors. On July 16, they delivered relief supplies to the families.

“No other group has given such a precious gift to us,” said Laboni, a local resident. “We have been blessed that you have come.”

Another recipient, Kaarikaa, shared, “I lost everything in this flood. Now I have nothing. But your help is very momentous for my family. Thank you so much for your help.”

As monsoon season continues, Compassion Services teams across South Asia are raising funds and traveling to flooded areas to provide relief.

Please pray for:

  • Flooding to cease and waters to drain.
  • Food, shelter, clean water and other necessities for flood victims.
  • Provision, guidance and protection as our Compassion Services teams reach out to each area.
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