Students Receive Good Response in Jammu and Kashmir

Passing out Tracts

Going on outreach is an integral part of the training of a Gospel for Asia Bible college student.

The entire student body from Gospel for Asia’s Jammu and Kashmir Bible college broke off into four teams recently to share the love of Jesus in their state.

Two teams ministered in areas where most of the people were Muslim. This Muslim population treated the students well and responded with love toward them. The student teams visited homes and distributed Gospel literature.

One man showed a special interest in the Gospel. As he asked questions, the students could tell he was earnestly seeking to find truth. They shared about Jesus, prayed for him and gave him a New Testament.

On the other hand, a ministry team in another area of the state faced opposition and threats from some shopkeepers. In spite of that, they were able to distribute dozens of Gospel tracts. They also shared the Gospel personally with some young people who were playing cricket. The players listened intently to the message, and one young man, 19, asked the location of a local church so he could attend.

The final team ministered with much love among patients in a local hospital. They listened to the patients, prayed for them and shared from God’s Word. They also handed out sweets and were able to give away some New Testaments.

These students ask for prayer as they continue to prepare for full-time Christian work among the unreached. Pray, too, that the Lord will move in the heart of each person who heard or read about Jesus through their outreach.


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