Tracts Lead to Questions about Jesus

Keram Naidu knows that Gospel tracts are powerful tools. He also knows that the tracts can generate as many questions as they do answers. When he


GFA missionaries seek opportunities to share the Gospel with all groups of people and through many different ways.

provides biblical answers to these questions, people’s lives are changed.

Keram is a Gospel for Asia missionary serving in several large villages on the fringes of India’s capital, Delhi.

Keram utilizes a variety of methods to share the love of Jesus with the diverse population there. One method that has seen tremendous results is the distribution of Gospel tracts.

One day a Muslim family received a tract titled In Search of the Truth. A woman in that family told Keram the message in the tract greatly impacted them. Another Muslim family invited Keram to tell them more about the Gospel after they received a tract. Later, they invited Keram to their home, and he continued teaching them about salvation and what the Bible says about Jesus. Keram continues leading the family in Bible study.

In another area, Keram distributed tracts and other Christian books. One family asked him to come back and tell them more about Jesus. On the day he went to their village, he also met Veer Goud, a man who had received a Christian songbook during his previous visit. Veer told Keram the Lord had touched his heart through one of the songs in the book, and he wanted to follow Christ.

Because of Keram’s willingness to visit these people and respond to their questions about the Gospel, there is now a prayer fellowship in this village. More importantly, there are new souls in God’s kingdom.

Keram asks for prayer that all the people who have received Jesus through his ministry will grow in their faith and share it with others. Keram also requests prayer for those who have not yet decided to follow Jesus to put their trust in Him.


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