Changed Lives Testify to Missionary’s Faithfulness


There are several large slums in the Delhi area. These slums are home to millions of people. Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries go into the slums to take hope to the people who live there.

Gospel for Asia missionary-supported Tarun Malhotra is ministering to people in many different life situations in New Delhi, India. Because of his faithfulness to share the Good News, many are finding new life in Jesus. Here are the testimonies of some of these new believers in the Delhi area.

An alcoholic’s marriage restored

Barkha and Divya Ajeda are one couple whose lives are forever changed because Tarun told them about Jesus. Barkha was raised in a family that worshipped the gods of their native religion. Much to Divya’s dismay, Barkha had become an alcoholic. When he met Tarun and first heard about Jesus, it sparked an interest in the Bible. He wanted to know more about the Word of God. He accepted Tarun’s offer to pray with him and invited the missionary to his home to pray for his family.

Tarun visited the Ajedas’ home and shared from the Bible. Barkha chose to receive Christ. He then brought Divya to the local church where Tarun is the pastor. After hearing the Gospel preached over a few months, she chose to follow Christ. Today the couple is growing in their faith. Their relationship with one another is also much happier and closer since Barkha stopped drinking.

From idols to Jesus

Many people whom Tarun ministers to have never heard that Jesus loves them.

Chandi Goel lives in the same area of Delhi where Barkha and Divya live. She was also raised in the traditional religion and was a devout worshipper of idols. When she met Tarun, he told her about Jesus and how much He loves and cares about her. The Gospel message touched her heart and challenged her to consider the claims of Christ. Later, she went to visit Tarun and told him she wanted to accept Jesus in her life. Today she is active in worshipping the Lord at Tarun’s GFA-related church.

Evil spirits driven out

Tarun was out doing house-to-house visitation when he met Sukanya Kumble. She told the pastor that she was having trouble sleeping because she would wake up terrified. She yelled and screamed during the night because evil spirits were tormenting her.

As was the custom in her religion, she had sought help from many witch doctors and magicians, but nothing worked.

When she told Tarun about the attacks, he shared the Gospel with her and told her that Jesus was more powerful than all of the spirits that were tormenting her.

With deep faith, Sukanya prayed with Tarun, asking God to remove the tormenting spirits from her life. She was instantly healed from her problem and is now a follower of Jesus.

Tarun asks for prayer for these four new followers of Christ, that they would continue to grow in the Lord and in their knowledge of his Word. He also requests prayer that their new lives would be a powerful witness to their extended families and that each family would raise their children to walk in the fear of the Lord.

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