Poor Son Discovers Father’s Riches

Child Praying

After speaking with a GFA-supported pastor, Deeptiman—like this young boy—realized his Heavenly Father could help his family.


Deeptiman’s family struggled for their daily bread. His father was a day laborer who earned barely enough to feed their family. The lack of financial stability caused many quarrels among the family, bringing an absence of peace and happiness.

Young Deeptiman sought to help his family by doing the only thing he knew: worshiping the gods and goddesses in order to gain their favor. He thought if he faithfully devoted himself to his family’s gods, they would grant them peace and blessings. But for all his piety, the family strife continued. Not seeing any results from his persistent devotion, Deeptiman lost his faith.

But the Lord intervened in Deeptiman’s life when He brought Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Hetal Masih to his village. When the two met, Hetal told Deeptiman about a God who cares about him and his family’s situation. The pastor began visiting the young boy and his family, frequently sharing Christ’s love.

A tiny spark ignited within Deeptiman as he learned about the Father’s rich love. He often asked Pastor Hetal questions about Jesus, eager to know more. Although his own father tried in vain to provide for the family, Deeptiman believed Jesus could bring his family peace and blessings. In time, the young boy gave his heart to Christ and publicly testified of his faith. Peace and joy, which were once fleeting, flooded into his life.

Deeptiman asks for prayer that he would grow in his love and commitment to the Lord and live to glorify His name. He also asks for prayer for his family, that they, too, would come to know the peace of God in their lives.



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