Love That Overcomes the Fire


Burned home

Fires in the slums quickly spread from one hut to the next, reducing entire blocks to ashes.

A fire swept through a South Asian slum in April, reducing six huts to ashes within minutes and taking the home and livelihood of a new believer, Nadira Gururani.

The blaze, which is believed to have been started by firecrackers set off during a celebration, killed four and sent three to the hospital in critical condition. Firefighters were unable to reach the area in time due to the density of the slums.

Nadira’s family lost their home and their only sources of income: a sewing machine, a goat and a push cart.

Gospel for Asia field leaders provided aid to the homeless family, giving them two sewing machines and two goats, which were bought with funds from believers around the world. The income-generating gifts helped Nadira’s family rebuild what they lost.

This practical love is a powerful testimony for Nadira’s unbelieving family and for hundreds of her neighbors who are without hope. Nadira is one of 10 members in her Gospel for Asia-supported fellowship, and the sacrificial giving of other believers strengthens their witness. In a culture where kindness toward the poor is a rarity, people take notice of Christians’ generosity and often want to know more about the Lord.

Please pray for Nadira’s family as they recover. Please also pray for her fellowship, that it will be a bright light in this dark area.


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