Ministry Students During a “Day Off”

A waterfall, a giant rock and a famous cave were among the destinations for a group of Gospel for Asia Bible college students in Meghalaya, India. It was their


The beautiful state of Meghalaya provided a restful picnic day for a group of Bible college students.

college’s tradition to take time off once a year for a picnic, and this tourist attraction was the place they wanted to go.

Even though it was the students’ day off, they planned ways to share the Gospel during their outing.

The students were awed by the high falls, named after a woman who, according to legend, committed suicide there following a family tragedy. The famous cone-shaped rock is the centerpiece of a local fable about a giant who used the huge rock to till his farm. The students enjoyed seeing these parts of God’s creation—and then set out telling people about the Creator.

Student sharing the Gospel

The students were eager to do outreach, even on their day off from school.

During their journey home, the students stopped and held an open-air meeting. They handed out tracts, sang songs and preached a salvation message, and many people gathered to listen. The students’ excitement burst over when five people came forward to receive salvation, and several wanted prayer for healing.

When the meeting was over, the villagers asked the students to return and share more about the Gospel. Since that time, a missionary has been assigned to continue working in that village.

The students praised God for the five people’s salvation and the open door to this new village—all on their day off! They request prayer that the new Christians will grow in their faith, and that many more will receive Christ in the days to come.


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