GFA Bible College Comes Under Attack

Sri Lanka

Militants attacked 10 students from Gospel for Asia’s Sri Lanka Bible College March 2 and are now campaigning to have the Bible College shut down.

The students were on their way to Sunday worship service at a GFA-related church when the attackers ambushed them, covered their faces and beat them up. They dragged one of the students into a van, where the radicals trampled and kicked him.

All of the students were admitted to the hospital for treatment. GFA leaders in Sri Lanka filed complaints with the police, which are cooperating in the investigation.

The militants are now distributing leaflets in the area around the Bible College, asking others to join them in their protest of the college with the eventual goal of closing the school.

GFA leaders in Sri Lanka ask for prayer that the militants’ scheme would be unsuccessful and that the militants themselves will choose to follow Jesus. The leaders also ask for prayer for the students who were attacked, that their wounds will heal quickly and that they will continue to stand firm in their faith.


This article was originally published by Gospel for Asia. To learn more about Gospel for Asia, click here.

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