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Many people only know to turn to traditional gods for help.

Suren was only 25, but his wife and two children were about to lose him. As he lay in his hospital bed, the news of all the medical treatment he needed—and could not afford—overwhelmed him.

In this time of need, Suren and his family needed to receive hope from their gods. But instead, the silence that followed their prayers filled their hearts with empty despair.

Then Gospel for Asia missionary Badil met Suren’s family. Badil listened to Suren’s wife pour out the stories of hepatitis, appendicitis, and lack of money for vital operations.


Native missionaries often see God answering prayer in miraculous ways.

By the time Badil left the home, he had shared hope from God’s Word and prayed with Suren’s family. He also invited them to a prayer meeting he was having later that night in a local believer’s home.

To Badil’s surprise, the family came to the prayer meeting—with Suren! The dying man listened to the words of life, and he believed with the Christians that God could save his soul and restore his health. The next day, doctors told Suren he no longer needed any operations.

Awed by the power of this miracle, Suren and his whole family received salvation. Suren’s testimony also helped lead five families in their village to the Lord! These families formed a new fellowship, which Badil is faithfully caring for. Badil asks for prayer for Suren and his family to grow in the Lord and continue boldly witnessing about God’s miracle.


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