Christmas Milk Turns to Water

Sewing Machine Gift

Sewing machines were another life-changing gift given at Punjab Bridge of Hope centers.


Melbin Ramesh drinks from his Christmas present every day—and so does his whole family. This unexpected blessing they received came in the form of a cow.

Melbin attends a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center in Punjab, India. Last year, through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, his Bridge of Hope teachers gave Christmas gifts to the enrolled children. Melbin’s cow provides a new source of income for his family, as they are able to sell much of the four liters of milk it produces each day.

But the cow gives Melbin’s family more than milk. As they saved up money from their new milk business, they were able to provide something they had never dreamed of getting—their own water well.

Before, the family had to draw water from a well some distance from their home. Since the children had to walk so far to get water, they were often late for school. Now, they have fresh water available whenever they want.

GFA’s correspondent in the area asks for prayer that through this gift, Melbin and his family will further understand the Lord’s love for them.


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