Woman Finds Healing from Cancer


Even though new Christians in Asia often face opposition for their faith, many of them—like this woman—worship the Savior with fervency and devotion.

Mamoni had a gaping physical wound on her face, the result of cancer. But an even deeper wound was causing the cancer: Mamoni was addicted to chewing tobacco. There were times when she indulged in this habit during her every waking moment.

When the mysterious wound appeared on her right cheek, Mamoni sought medical treatment. After examining her wound, the doctor informed Mamoni she had cancer, caused by a bacteria commonly found in the tobacco.

Mamoni was devastated by the news and frantically sold all of her possessions to pay for treatment. She went to the doctor regularly over the next year, and they prescribed many different kinds of medicine.

But despite all these efforts, the wound was gradually growing, ravaging the skin wherever it spread. The pain often kept Mamoni up crying all night. Her wound had become so grotesque that people shunned her.

She became even more distraught and began to lose hope that she would ever be cured.  Then someone suggested that Mamoni visit Gospel for Asia missionary Dijomar Neupane, who serves as pastor of the local GFA-related church. Dijomar and several Christians from his church came to Mamoni’s home and prayed for her.

In spite of their prayers, Mamoni’s wound continued to grow for three days. Then Dijomar had an idea. He decided to try treating her cheek with a simple medicated liquid commonly used to cleanse wounds. He also continued to pray for Mamoni. She began to feel some relief, and in time the pain stopped. Then, the wound healed and her face cleared up.

Mamoni was deeply moved by the believers’ prayers and the love they showed for her. This woman and her entire family chose to follow Christ. Because their new faith goes against established village tradition, they are now facing opposition. But still, they worship the Lord Jesus with all their heart.

Dijomar asks for prayer for Mamoni and her family, that they will stay strong in their new faith in Christ.


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