Sharing the True Joy of Christmas


Christmas Celebration

Through joyful songs about the Savior’s birth, missionaries in Nepal shared the love of Christ with many who had never heard.


Gospel for Asia native missionaries, along with 65 Christians from four GFA-related churches, spent the days leading up to Christmas sharing the joy of their Savior. Through caroling, skits, reading the Bible on the street and tract distribution, the group shared the love of Christ with thousands of people in Kathmandu, Nepal.

On December 19, the believers gathered early in the morning to begin their first day of outreach. They divided into four groups, each with a different assignment for the day. The first group performed Christmas carols and skits, the second distributed tracts, the third shared the Gospel, and the fourth prayed for the people who had needs.

Throughout the day, the believers went to three different public locations for the outreach program. Large crowds gathered to watch the skits and listen to the jovial carols. The people were very open to the Gospel message and asked many questions about Jesus. Altogether, the believers distributed more than 1,500 Gospel tracts on the first day of the outreach.

Christmas Skit

Some of the young believers performed a Christmas skit for a crowd of people. There was a great response to the message they shared.

“There was great joy on everyone’s faces while we were caroling,” one participant said.

For the next five days, the believers continued this outreach. In each place, they received an overwhelmingly positive response from the crowds.

“We look forward to seeing the fruit from this Christmas outreach program,” a GFA missionary said. “We are thankful to Jesus for opening the door for all of us to share His love among the people living around us.”

GFA leaders in Nepal ask for prayer that many would come to know the Lord as a result of the Christmas outreach. They also request prayer that the Lord would open many more doors for future ministry in Kathmandu.


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