More than Money Could Buy



Through the prayers of Mahadevi Kaler, shown here, the Lord healed Premila.



Two months ago, Mahadevi Kaler answered the door to find a man and a woman standing on her doorstep with a limp 10-year-old girl in their arms.


The man and his wife were Brijmohan and Oja Kundhal. Two years ago, their daughter, Premila, contracted a virus. Because of the viral fever, she eventually lost the ability to speak, and her body became weak.

The family spent much of their meager income on medication for little Premila, but she still didn’t recover. In their desperation, Premila’s parents carried her from door to door, begging for money for medical treatment.

They knocked on several doors, and many people gave money to help their child. Little did they know that at the next door they would knock on, the God of the universe would give them much more than money could buy.

No Money to Give

Mahadevi Kaler is a Gospel for Asia-supported woman missionary. After opening the door, she listened as the parents told her of their daughter’s plight. Mahadevi didn’t have any money to give, but she offered to pray for Premila.

The missionary invited Brijmohan and Oja into her home and told them about Jesus, the Healer and Giver of Life who could save their daughter. She then prayed for Premila, asking the Lord to heal her. Mahadevi encouraged the parents to place their trust in Christ and to pray to the Lord for Premila’s complete recovery.

As they walked out, the parents asked Mahadevi to come to their home later to pray.

Much More than Money Could Buy

When Mahadevi visited the family, she prayed for Premila again. In faith, she asked the mute 10-year-old how she felt.

With a stammering voice, Premila responded! She said that before prayer, she had felt like something was clenching her throat, preventing her from speaking. Now, the feeling was gone, and she could speak again.

The family saw that Jesus really was the Healer and Giver of Life, and they chose to follow the Lord. Although she didn’t have any money to give them, Mahadevi had shown the family something much better: Christ’s gift of salvation.

Please pray for this family, asking the Lord to make them bright lights in their village. Pray also for Premila’s complete recovery, that she would regain her strength.

Please ask the Lord to bless Mahadevi and to continue to make her fruitful.


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