A Plentiful Harvest in a Forbidden Land


Praise the Lord for these new brothers and sisters in Christ, whom we will one day meet!



The harvest is plentiful, and Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries are seeing how true Christ’s statement is as people turn their hearts to Him.

In a restricted country, GFA-supported missionary Nyein Khin and his son Zaw boldly shared Christ’s love to a people living in darkness and despair. There was not a single Christian in the village when they set foot on its soil. The people strongly adhered to their country’s religious beliefs, passing down its heritage from generation to generation—until the day the Lord brought Nyein and Zaw into their midst.

With the Spirit of Christ leading them, the Lord started a fellowship with 32 newfound sheep. Two months later, 24 more villagers came to know the Good Shepherd, and four months after that, 13 more embraced Christ’s love and began walking in His light.

The Spirit moved and broke away the chains of darkness, bringing new life to many people.

Zaw noticed the little ones in the village had a great need for schooling, so he opened up a school in his rented house, teaching basic reading, writing and arithmetic—and at the same time teaching the children from the Bible.

He and his father, Nyein, continue to pour out Christ’s love to these people, allowing the Holy Spirit to flood the village with Christ’s presence.

In another South Asian country, God used GFA-supported pastor Adil Kriti and his passion for the lost to start a small fellowship in one village. With continued teaching from God’s Word and prayer, six families and 15 individuals decided to follow Christ and have publicly testified of their newfound faith.

In the same region, a GFA-supported mobile film team traveled to help a GFA-supported pastor in his ministry. They conducted a film show where three families discovered the true Savior who loves them. With tears in their eyes, these family members gave their hearts to Christ after watching the powerful story about His life. They now faithfully worship the Lord at the local GFA-supported church.

Just as Jesus declared, the fields are truly ripe for harvest, and we have the unique privilege to be part of bringing in this harvest.

Please pray for these new believers who have given their hearts and lives to serve Christ, that they will grow in their faith and remain devoted to Jesus all their days.


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