Missionary Faces Opposition Again


Despite threats, many believers in Chhattisgarh are choosing to follow the Lord.

Anti-Christian extremists tried to harm Gospel for Asia missionary Layak Kamol for the second time last month. He is safe, but the extremist group is pressuring other villagers to turn away from their faith in Jesus.

The first incident against Layak happened on December 2. Another missionary working in his area was badly beaten by the radicals, so Christians warned Layak to leave the village. He had to hide in the jungle to escape the extremists.

A few weeks later, Layak led a church meeting about nine miles from his home village. On his way home, a group of the extremists approached him on the road. A fellow Christian gave Layak shelter in his home and kept the radicals from coming in and beating him. Unable to get Layak, the extremists threatened to kill him if they ever saw him again.

The Lord helped Layak to get home safely that night, but the situation remains tense.

“The believers are now facing social boycott in this village,” GFA’s correspondent wrote. The extremists are not allowing Christians to draw water from the village well or take part in village activities. They even threatened to take away jobs if the believers will not turn away from their faith.

“But our believers strongly told the villagers that at any cost, they would not leave Jesus,” GFA’s correspondent wrote.

Layak asks for prayer for these believers to remain strong in their faith, and that the Lord will continue to protect his life as he serves in this dangerous area.


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