Missionary Forced Out; Establishes New Ministry

Anti-Christian extremists in Madhya Pradesh, India, attacked Gospel for Asia native missionary Roshan Yatin and then forced him out of their village.


Many GFA missionaries, like Roshan, continue sharing the Gospel regardless of the cost.

Despite this persecution, Roshan has begun a new ministry in a nearby village.

Roshan was ministering in the village when some angry extremists threatened to kill him if he continued sharing the Gospel. When Roshan continued his outreach the following day, the extremists attacked him with rods, knives and other weapons. They also stole all of his belongings. After the attack, they dragged him to the village gate and threw him out.

“If you ever come back here we will kill you,” the radicals warned.

Beaten and weak, Roshan went to the GFA district leader’s home. The two men went to the local police station to report the incident, but the police told them there was nothing they could do.

A few days later, the GFA district leader went to the village and asked the extremists to return Roshan’s belongings. The extremists said they would only return the belongings if Roshan never came back to their village. Without any other option, the district leader agreed to their terms.

Now, Roshan has begun a fruitful ministry in a nearby village. He works with two other GFA native missionaries who were already serving there.

Roshan requests prayer that his ministry will grow in this new area and that many will come to know the Lord. He also asks for prayer that the Lord will one day open the door for him to reach out to those that persecuted him.


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